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Around a third of household heat is lost through our walls, roofs and windows and along with it our disposable income due to lack of or No insulation. Cavity Wall insulation helps reduce heat loss, can save a homeowner over £200 a year on fuel bills and reduces CO2 emissions by up to a tonne a year.

Solar photovoltaic commonly referred to as solar PV is the name given to the technology for converting sunlight into electricity. New laws introduced in April 2010 mean that if you fit a Solar PV System onto a property, you will be paid for all the electricity produced. Make Money from your Solar Panel. An average 3-4 bedroom property could receive an annual return in excess of 12% APR, far greater than leaving your money in a Bank or Cash ISA.

If your boiler is more than 10 years old, Renewable Energy Empire will replace your existing boiler with a brand new efficient ‘A Rated’ boiler for as little as £9.99 per week.

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