Loft Insulation

Over one million homes in the UK have no loft insulation, costing them an average of 25% heat loss just through their roofs. Most houses in the UK have some loft insulation, however majority of them are only 100mm (4”) or less, which means they should be substantially topped up to around 270mm (11”), which is the requirement for all new homes.

What you get with Professionally Installed Loft Insulation:
• 2 layer Loft Roll or Top Up (to current building regulations)
• Disposal of waste material
• Draught proofing around loft hatch
• Electrical cable re-routing (high load cables re-routed)
• FREE Home survey to confirm suitability
• Full Insulation work, including all materials and labour
• Pipe Insulation (cold water pipes)
• Provide ventilation for downlighters (to prevent overheating)
• Tank Jacket (protect cold water & header tank)
• Ventilation (to eaves: to prevent condensation)
• Walk Boards (to and from tanks for maintenance)